'Growing stronger, with the customer'


Looking ahead, and growing stronger with the customer.
To be successful in floriculture, one has to be more than just a great grower, is the philosophy of SO natural.
Entrepreneurship is more than just growing plants. Entrepreneurship is also marketing your plants, solving logistic puzzles and daring to think ahead.
Two employees are working full time on investigating new varieties. Every year, they test over a 100 thousand plants in their lab. So that, SO natural is able to market a good orchid that is appealing to the customer, now, but also later and even two years from now.
Iron discipline 
A 22.000 m2 processing area provides plenty of space to quickly and efficiently send out large and complex batches. 6 docks ensure a smooth course of the transport. Even during the busy promotion weeks in the spring, the employees in this area remain calm and demonstrate iron discipline. Having a car leave an hour late is not an option. Everyone is extremely aware of the fact that somewhere else in the chain, ten cars may be waiting for that one cargo.
Large volumes
Leen de Jager is buyer at Bocchi Flower in Poeldijk. Bocchi trades large volumes in Germany (supermarkets, discounters, DIY stores) and quality and uniformity are the decisive factor in this. Leen: ”They do this perfectly. We have been working with SO natural for years, and we have hardly had any complaints. That tells you something. They know our work method and contribute ideas. If I call today because I want two extra cars tomorrow, they will make it work.”
Personal contact 
The companies are in touch daily via phone, fax and e-mail. Parties are well-attuned. At SO natural a half word is enough to tell them what the exporter wants. Still, Leen drives to Moerkapelle at least once a month: ”Personal contact remains important. To discuss the current affairs, view products and to exchange topical market information. Both parties agree that together, we can grow stronger.”
Keeping promises 
Taco van der Heijden is plant buyer at Sierafor, that suppliers supermarkets all across Europe with over 90 million euro of flowers and plants every year. He doesn’t need a lot of words to describe the strength of SO natural: “They do what they promise.” In addition to that reliability, he has learned to appreciate their clear vision to the future over the ten years he has done business with them. “They always provide innovation. With new types of orchids but also with new services and other added value, such as in the field of logistics. That creates a deep and intense collaboration. That’s not just my experience by the way. Our companies are in touch with each other at various levels. Buyers with sellers, logistic employees, at management level. And everywhere, you’ll hear the same story.