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‘We attach value to sustainable relationships'

SO connected.

From Moerkapelle there are connections to thousands of people. A number of customers are supplied on a daily basis, so intensive contact is logical. But there is more than that.
At SO natural, they attach great importance to sustainable relationships. They work together with a lot of parties and feel that it is important to talk to them and keep talking to them. To share knowledge and build trust.
SO natural is not just ‘Connected’ to her buyers. She also has close partnerships with other suppliers.
Together with Chrysal International, SO natural offers the Ethylene buster. This treatment guarantees the orchids of SO natural a longer lifespan. In addition, bud drop is strongly reduced with the Ethylene buster. Even when the orchids are put next to the vegetables and fruit at the retailer. A combination that originally is very bad for the (quality of) the orchid.
In addition, there is a close collaboration with an American party. Green Circle Growers. Together with this player, the just add ice concept was developed. For the consumer, an understandable and easily applicable way to care for the orchids. Just three ice cubes of just add ice with special nourishment a week and the consumer is done.
Every now and then they are also looking for parties that are not familiar with their sector, such as a beer brewery. They know little about orchids, but they know that much more about marketing. That’s extremely convenient. 
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