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‘13 million pot orchids from own production’

Who is SO natural?

Since 1959, the family business SO (Smaal Orchideeën) natural has been active on the Dutch market. The company started growing vegetables, but later she fully focused on growing and selling pot orchids. With great success, because today, SO natural is the largest pot orchid plantation in the world. A title SO natural carries with great pride.
With over 20 hectares in glass and 2 hectares in cultivation, SO natural produces almost 14 million pot orchids on a yearly basis.
SO natural is able to produce in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, because she uses several floors in a building. This sounds logical, but is exceptional in the market within which SO natural is active. The top layer is for the cultivation and the bottom layer provides room for the delivery hall, the office and logistics.
SO natural works with a rain water storage and generates her own energy. The energy generated by SO natural is fed back to energy suppliers and is able to sustain about 10.000 households a year. The company is one of the leading companies in the horticultural market in this field. “We want to meet the demand and quality requirements of the customer, but we also want to take care of our next generation” says general director Martin Smaal.
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